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Monday, August 3, 2009

B2S Day 1 Oliver's Labels (review)

Kids misplace stuff all the time. I know mine will sit something down and just walk away, even in a store! Now that both Jeffery and Jaylin are going to be in school this year...that's twice as many things that can be left at school, on the bus, field trips, etc. That's where Oliver's Labels comes into play around here.

With both of my kid's having a speech delay, having their stuff labeled is extremely important, they can't tell someone if something is theirs or not (Jeffery sort of can...but Jaylin can't at all right now). I got Jaylin labels that have "Jaylin S." on them in the Nature design because I knew she would like the bugs and animals on them. Oliver's Labels are available with "Found It", which is a FREE online lost and found for your items! There is a code on all the labels, and if someone finds your lost item, they can go to Oliver's Labels site (which is also on the labels) and enter the code so Oliver's Labels can contact you that your item is found. Its awesome because Oliver's Labels acts as the middle person so you never have to give your personal information out to a stranger, or have it on the label for everyone to see. "Found It" is optional and is completely FREE!
Oliver's Labels is different from other label company, they have full color backgrounds and icons! Just look at the bright colors on these Nature themed labels.
Oliver's Labels have a variety of different types of labels to choose from, Original Labels which can go in the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, or outdoors, they stick to anything and everything and are really durable. There are also Shoe Labels which go on the inside sole of the shoe, now Oliver's Labels makes Stick-eez Clothing Labels which can be put on clothing without ironing or sewing! Those are just a few of the many different types of labels, they make something for just about anything you need to put a label on! They also have packages of a variety of labels (School Package, Baby Package, Starter Package, and Camp Package).
Oliver's Labels wants to give my readers 10% off their order when you enter the code “oliversfriends”
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BriCoble said...

Oliver's Label's has some really great products. I love the Mini Bag Tags. I love how they can be personalized and the variety of designs is impressive. You did a great review describing them.

Anonymous said...

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