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Monday, August 3, 2009

B2S Day 1 PakNak (review/giveaway)

Yes...it's that time of year again. Back to School the kiddos (and some parents) go. It's the same ole stuff, backpacks, lunchboxes, binders, notebooks, etc. But wait, lets jazz up those things! Instead of plain old backpacks, make them colorful and fun, put a PakNak or 2, or 3 or more on there. What is a PakNak? PakNaks are rubbery 3-D decorations for anything and everywhere you can put something sticky!

PakNaks are so fun! I got 4 for my kiddos, I let them pick out which ones they wanted (2 each) Jeffery picked the wheel, which is named "Rod" and the dog which is named "Ralph". Jaylin picked out the monkey (of course, she's like mommy!) who's name is "Martin" and the butterfly who's name is "Kyla Jane" When I opened them I thought they were so adorable! Then I looked on the back of the package and each one has a little "biography" sort of, it gives little details about the PakNak...for example "Martin" the monkey, his home is Vineland Groves, his favorite food is Baked Beans, his best friend is Bill Ball (another one of the PakNaks) and his favorite activity is tossing "Bill", seriously, how much cuter and fun can you get?

One of the great things about PakNak is they can be switched around, the rubbery character itself is actually velcroed onto the sticky part, so you can change them around as much as you want! Don't think backpacks and school stuff is the only place you can put PakNaks, the possibilities are endless....lamps, headbands, computer bags...heck I could even put them on my laptop if I wanted to (I come close to putting "Martin" on here!)
**Giveaway has Ended...Winner Announced**
Ok, now for the extra fun part...the giveaway! The first Back 2 School Spectacular giveaway! I'll be giving away 6 PakNaks to 1 lucky winner! To enter, go to PakNak and find your favorite character, then come back here and fill out the form to tell me which one you choose. You MUST do this before any extra entries!!

Because Kristin from Our Ordinary Life, Sky from Seeryus Mama, and Melissa from Outnumbered 3 to 1 are all doing great stuff this week too for our Back 2 School Spectacular, there is even more chances to win, and even more extra entries here! Please remember to read instructions carefully!

Giveaway Ends August 23 @ 11pm EST

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