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Sunday, August 9, 2009

B2S Day 7: MJM Books (review/giveaway)

Reading to your child is extremely important. We read our kids' bedtime stories everynight, and now Jeffery has a new favorite bedtime story, its a book from MJM Books and the main character of the book is Jeffery! That's right, MY Jeffery is the star of the book!

MJM Books are books that you personalize with your child's name, and even what the character looks like! You choose the gender, hair color, eye color, and skin tone. We got the book "If I Were Big" and everytime we read the book to Jeffery (and sometimes even to Jaylin) he points to the character and goes "thats me!!" The book is simple, and isn't too long, perfect for both of our kids.

Your child will explore new heights as they are enlarged to epic
proportions. They will delight in the novelty of using a tree as a toothbrush
and buildings for stairs. Ultimately, your child discovers that while being big
might be tempting, they are the perfect size already.

Artist Erin Drewitz realizes the journey in style with retro-inspired
graphics that are sure to make the book a timeless keepsake while Jeff
Jablonski's rhythms and rhymes are designed to enchant your young

MJM Books has other titles for you to personalize for your child. I am so happy that Jeffery loves "reading" this book, he does try...he can look at the pictures and figure out what the word is. It's awesome!

**Giveaway has Ended...Winner Announced**
Now, let's give one of my readers their own MJM Book! To enter, go over to MJM Books and decide which book you would like to win and then come back here and tell me how you and your child make reading fun.

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Giveaway Ends August 23 @ 11pm EST

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