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Sunday, August 9, 2009

B2S Day 7: Baby Legs (review)

BabyLegs are awesome little "leggings" for baby...but honestly they can be used for more than just legs, they can be used on arms too. Jaxon got a pair of red flame BabyLegs and as you can see in the picture, he is just adorable in them!!!
I like that this winter, instead of putting pants on him that I have to pull off to change his diaper, I can put his BabyLegs on and a onsie to make it look like an outfit and it will be so much easier to change him! BabyLegs come in a TON of different designs, I loved the red flames...Jaxon looks like hot stuff in his! Jaxon still isn't very big, he's about 12lbs now and BabyLegs fit him fine, you can see they are bunched up a bit but they still work! He will be able to wear these BabyLegs for years to come! I plan to get a lot more BabyLegs for him coming up, since they have so many to choose from. I can't wait for Summer to be over so he can wear his BabyLegs more often!
Check out BabyLegs today. They start at $7 for a pair, and you can't beat that for something that it will take a LONG time for them to grow out of!

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