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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

B2S Day 9: Bee-Tees (review)

It's important to teach kids about character, so Bee-Tees have come up with shirts to start a coversation with your little one about their character. I got Jaylin this "Bee Sweet" shirt, because let's face it, my little princess is the sweetest child, and messy too thanks to pizza I had just given her! I make sure I let her know it too!

Bee-Tees shirts makes shirts for all ages from baby to adult, so you can wear a shirt too to show your child you have character too! They have a wide variety of characteristics to choose from such as Kind, Cute, Happy, Creative, Unique, Etc! They have just about every characteristic you can imagine to put on a shirt!

They also make more than just t-shirts! Bee-Tees makes hats, tote bags, drawstring bags, and even onsies for babies! Their shirts start at just $15 so check them out today!!!!


Renee said...

Adorable, pizza and all! I think these shirts are cute--I like shirts that say positive things like "Sweet" better than the ones that say "Spoiled!"

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