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Monday, August 10, 2009

Blub Blub

HA HA! Today my friend from high school called me to see what me and the kids were doing this evening and she wanted us to come over and swim. I immediatly said yes because it was HOT today! So I told her I would take Jaxon home to Jeff and pick up the kids...fine...then she called back and her mom wanted me to bring the baby so she could spoil him lol.

We get there and I put the kids in the pool and Jaylin screamed her head off at first (Amy even went to the dollar store before we got there and got them some floaties and arm floaties) after a few min she was fine...Amy even made me get in fully clothed (I couldnt find my bathing suit and was just going to stand and watch the kids play) So once Jeffery got completely comfortable in the water (seriously, they haven't been in a pool in a LONG time, Jaylin probably don't even remember being in a pool she was so young) he had his floaty ring on, and his floaty arm bands and was "swimming" around the pool (this is only one of those blue pools from Walmart) and as he was "swimming" he would go "blub blub blub" and pretend to swim, then after a little longer he even got his feet off the ground and was kicking his feet and all the while saying "blub blub blub"

Amy had those pool noodles and she would get water in it and blow in it to spray the water out and splash us. Jaylin got to doing it and she couldn't get it once and she decided to look into the hole...I got the bright idea to blow in the other end...water shot right into her face...it was priceless!!!!

All the while Amy's mom had Jaxon and was spoiling him rotten! She would come out every so often and ask how the water was, and I would ask about Jaxon and she said he was happy and content on Amy's dad's lap! She would come out and ask how I fixed the formula and such...she was awesome, even when we went inside when it started thunder and lightning she wouldn't give him up, she carried him to the car and buckled him in when we were leaving.

The kids had a blast, we even stayed at Amy's for awhile after we got out of the pool and played inside with the cats and such. When we got home the kids ate dinner and then Jeffery said "I'm tired" and went to bed! I've never seen my kids go to bed so easy, even Jaxon is sound asleep!

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