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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cool-Jams (review/giveaway)

Since it's summer time and I just had a baby (gotta love post baby hormones!) I get extreme hot flashes all night. I found Cool-Jams and I have fell in love with the nightgown I was sent! I wear it all the time when I'm home...seriously, I get dressed to go out or when we're getting company, or to wash my nightgown, then I put it right back on...it's THAT comfortable!
"All of our Cool-jams wicking pajamas and nightgowns are made
with our exclusive moisture wicking smart fabric. Our silky, soft smart fabric
wicks moisture away to keep you cool and dry. This innovative fabric is
exclusive to Cool-jams.
Over 85% of women experience night sweats at some point in
their lives. Many doctors and sleep experts agree that Cool-jams
moisture-wicking sleepwear helps women sleep well despite those pesky night
sweats. Our fabric not only wicks away moisture but also helps thermo-regulate
the body temperature.
The micro fiber in the fabric draws the perspiration away from
the skin and then pushes it through the fabric away from the body. The quick dry
feature then allows the fabric to dry rapidly, so you never feel wet. In fact,
testing shows that our Cool-jams fabric dries 100% faster than cotton or
poly/cotton blend fabrics. Unlike other wicking fabrics, the wicking ability of
Cool-jams is scientifically woven into the fabric, so the wick never washes out.
This feature translates to a cool comfortable sleep regardless of how warm you

I got this nice Wicking Cecilia Nightgown from Cool-Jams a few weeks ago, and it's awesome! I'm on the big size, and Cool-Jams make PJs and Nightgowns that fit great...this nightgown is loose and breezy and I just can't say enough good about this nightgown! Even Jeff was impressed with how soft it felt, he cuddles me more at night now just so he can touch the nightgown! These PJs/Nightgowns don't have to be just for night sweats due to menopause or hormones after pregnancy...it's great for anytime!

Also, my nightgown come with a special laundry bag. I put my Cool-Jams nightgown in the bag to wash, and it keeps the fabric looking and feeling great!

**Giveaway has Ended...Winner Announced**
Want to win your own Cool-Jams PJs or Nightgown? Visit Cool-Jams' site and then come back and tell me which PJs or Nightgown you would like to win. Winner will get to choose PJs OR Nightgown and their size then will be sent the set/gown that is in stock. **Open to US Residents Only**

Giveaway Ends August 23 @ 11pm EST

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