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Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's the Little Things

Ok, I have 2 stories to tell you all, one is just plain cute, and one is funny as could be (at least it was to me and Jeff when it happened) I'll start with the cute story because it just happened a few minutes ago.

I was laying on the bed feeding and playing with Jaxon, well Jaylin loves to come lay with us. Jeffery come in with his cars and started playing. He suddenly started pretending his cars were rocket ships and he was counting down to blastoff, I happen to look over to Jaylin who was starting to get off the bed, she had her little hand up trying to count with him! She was doing pretty good when he was doing "5....4....5....4" She loves the number 4 so whenever he would say that number she yelled it! She even tried to say "three, two, one blastoff" she got BLASTOFF really good. It was just cute seeing how much she looks up to her big brother and tries to mimic him. (Actually as I'm typing this, they are watching Tom & Jerry...yes that still comes on lol, and whenever he laughs, she laughs)

OK, onto the funny story, this happened a few days ago, and I meant to write about it then, but got caught up doing things with the kiddos.

Jaylin was sitting in her rocking chair watching TV (probably sponge bob because she was mesmerized by it) here in the living room. Jeff decided he wanted to pick on her...so he crawled up behind her, then got on her left side and tapped on her right shoulder (yea, that old joke) she looked, then looked to her left and saw him RIGHT IN HER FACE....for some odd reason, her first reaction was to PUNCH him!!! She got him pretty good in his jaw too...he was in shock over it, but the only thing I could do was sit here and laugh my butt off! I told him that's what he gets for scaring her and picking on her like that, he then busted out laughing over the whole situation and she had a big grin on her face watching us just laugh. I just got a kick out of Jeff getting sucker punched by his own 2 1/2yr old daughter!

I just love little things like these...I have many more stories, but I'll save them for another day! It seems like everyday they each do something else. Oh, and so I don't leave Jaxon out of this post...to get him to smile, he loves to have his hands played with. It's cute and odd at the same time, he cries when you play with his feet, but gets a big ole grin on his face when you play with his little hands!

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