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Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazing Personalities

As I was feeding Jaxon this morning I started thinking about his personality that is coming through now, I then started thinking of Jeffery and Jaylin's personality and how they are all 3 so different. Let me explain:

Jeffery: Ever since he was inside of me, he has been stubborn and a trouble maker. First, he caused my blood pressure to go up at the end of the pregnancy, then he turned out to be breech when they induced my labor (we didn't find this out til they cut me open for my c-section). He didn't sleep through the night until he was about 7 or 8months old. Whenever he gets sick, he GETS SICK! Everything is always extreme with him. Now he's a mean little thing (I say that in the best possible way, because I do love the boy!) He has a lot of anger issues, a lot of behavior issues and is still stubborn!

Jaylin: She's always been my laid back, and sick baby/kid! She was just happy and content being inside me, I was trying to do a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) but never went into labor, so we had a csection for her too. She started sleeping through the nights at 3weeks old...YES I said 3WEEKS! When she was a couple months old she ended up with RSV, and that took awhile to kick. She would always (and still does) like to sleep. She's content playing by herself or just cuddling and watching TV with mommy or daddy. From May 2008-March 2009 she was on antibiotics it seemed NON STOP with ear infection after ear infection until she got tubes put in...then it was sinus infections...until she got her tonsils and adenoids taken out. She still runs quite a bit of fevers but nothing that I can't control with Tylenol. She's still a very very laid back child, if I'm just sitting on the couch (which I most often am with my laptop) she likes to come and ask to lay with me...I immediately stop what I'm doing to cuddle with her. She's mommy's girl!

Jaxon: Although he's only 2 months old, I can see some of his personality coming through. He seems to be a pretty good combination of both Jeffery and Jaylin. He's a decent sleeper (I would love for him to have been like Jaylin and already sleeping through the night...but that didn't happen lol) He is stingy with his smiles, I know he can do it (you all see the picture! I just couldn't help but post it again!) he makes us work to get his smiles! He seems to be a little bit of a trouble maker too with medical issues, let's hope they clear up soon and it's not going to be an ongoing trend like Jaylin's.

It's amazing with Jeffery and Jaylin, both of them have taken to either me or Jeff...Jeffery is a COMPLETE Daddy's boy, he wants to be just like daddy! Jaylin is mommy's little princess! She follows me everywhere (including the bathroom lol) It's going to be hard to get her to separate from me when school starts. I'm just in awe of all 3 of my kiddos, I love watching their personalities grow, and am so amazed they come out of me!


Jammie said...

You have a beautiful family. I would love to have me another little one. I have one and shes almost 8. Time for a new sibling I think... Love reading about your babies. Always makes me smile.


Your words touched my heart! I love reading about you and the kids! It's like I KNOW you and you're important! You know exactly what to say to make your readers feel this way. Plain, simple talk from your soul that grabs our guts and brings us laughter and tears. You have 3 very lucky kids to have a mommy like you! Blessings!

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