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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fisher Price Happy Days & Nights Diapers (review)

Yes, you read that right...Fisher Price, the makers of some wonderful toys and baby products, now makes diapers! I didn't know what to think of a toy company making diapers...but after trying them out for a week I must say...I'm IMPRESSED!

When I first got Happy Days & Nights™ Diapers to review, I immediatley opened the package to check them out, I didn't see any cartoon characters or disney characters on them, I saw Fisher-Price® Precious Planet characters...which I immediatley recognized since they have a monkey in them and we have a few products for Jaxon in that theme. The other thing I noticed and liked, was the design wasn't where the tabs attach, they were underneath and on the back where the butt is! There are 2 different designs, one for the forest animals, and one for the marine animals. Of course the forest animals are my favorite, because on the back is the monkey! Where most diapers have the cute little design of the copyrighted cartoon characters that probably makes the price of the diaper go higher...Happy Days & Nights Diapers have Size Right! Size Right helps you see if the size diaper fits your baby right, there is a little red section on each side, then green, then yellow in the middle. If the tab of the diaper is in the red area, that means the diaper is too small for your baby, if it's in the yellow area, the diaper is too big and then of course if it's in the green area that means the diaper fits JUST RIGHT! Awesome, right?

Ok, I've talked about the looks of Happy Days & Nights Diapers enough, time to talk absorbency and fit...since after all that's the most important right? At first it seemed the Happy Days & Nights Diapers were stiff to put on, but Jaxon seemed comfortable in them. The tabs were super stretchy and size 2 goes slightly into the yellow, which means they are a little big, but it looked fine on him. I have to tell you this story, when we went to the Dr with Jaxon the other day, it was a hour trip over, and couple hours there, and another hour drive home, with all the hecticness (is that a word?) I didn't change Jaxon's diaper, when I did think about changing him he was fast asleep and I hated to wake him since he hates to be in the carseat, so from 8am til 4pm he was in the same diaper, NO LEAKS!!! When I changed him as soon as we got home, it looked as if the diaper could hold some more if I had left it on! He sleeps all night and NO LEAKS!!!

You are probably thinking "it's Fisher Price, they have to be expensive", the answer is NO! I actually researched it and compared to the diapers we usually use for Jaxon (Pampers), and in both of the Jumbo packs, of size 2 there are 42 diapers, they are both only $9.99!!!

My only problem with Happy Days & Nights Diapers is that the only place to buy them is at a Babies R Us store or Toys R Us online, and unfortunatley there isn't a Babies R Us around here, the closest one is an hour away. Now, if they were sold in Walmart or someplace close to me, I'd buy them allllll the time!

I didn't get to try the night time diapers, since they start at size 3. But they are supose to be more absorbant for those long nights. Happy Days & Nights Diapers come in packs with just the days, just the nights, or you can buy a big pack with both! I highly recomend these diapers now!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

How cool that Fisher Price makes diapers now!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Ooh yeah, they should look into selling them at Walmart and other places. Even Target would be good.

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