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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jaxon's Appointment Today (heartbreaker)

I had to take Jaxon to the ENT today because he's been weezing and making a lot of noise while eating and after eating, his pediatrician wanted him seen. So once I put Jeffery and Jaylin on the bus, I made the birthday post for Jaylin, then went to pick up my friend Amy, and off to the big city we went (it's an hour drive)

So we get there, a tiny bit late because I had to fill up my tire since it's leaking air, and register, sat down in the waiting room and he was SUCH a happy baby, giggling and smiling at me and Amy! They called us back, they weighed him (he's 14lbs 8oz...but that's with all clothes on, a diaper, and shoes) we spoke with the nurse, then spoke with one of the doctor residents who checked Jaxon over....looked in his mouth, nose and ears (ENT...ear nose and throat lol) She then warned us that the main doctor might want to put a scope up his nose/down his throat! Seriously, me and Amy looked at eachother and we were about to run out that door! So we sat and waited for him to come in...sure enough he wanted to put the scope in my baby!!! He said it was no bigger than a piece of spagetti, so that made me feel a LITTLE better...not much though.

So we sat there waiting on them to get everything set up, Jaxon ended up fallin asleep on my lap while they were in and out of the room. Then the Dr come in and turned my chair around, then he sat down and faced me, put his legs on either side of my legs and we put Jaxon's head on his lap, and his feet on mine...you better belive that woke my baby up!!! Then he got the little scope (looked like a black peice of spagetti with a light at the end) and stuck it up one nostril...SCREAMS came from my itty bitty baby! The Dr was talking to his student and the nurse and the other Dr (BTW let me inform you, this didn't hurt him, it was just uncomfortable, they kept him awake so they could see the actual airflow and when sleeping, airflow is different) Then the 2nd nostril...I then heard the Dr say the scope barely fit through the nasal passage. He said a bunch of other big words I had no clue what he was talking about. Once he pulled that tube out of his nose and the nurse let got of Jaxon's head I scooped my baby up and cuddled him (blaming Daddy for it all...after all, if Daddy's genes were dominant he wouldn't have my itty bitty nose! Come on, laugh with me about it!)

Final diagnosis? SMALL NOSE! Seriously, all 3 of my kiddos have my nose, apparently Jaxon's is just a little bit smaller. He did say he has a flap of something over his voice box, and that can cause snoring, but nothing major. He also said there was something else (big words I dont remember) that won't be a problem til he's married and his wife makes him go back to the ENT about his SNORING!! The dr cracked me up!

So that's that, we go back in 6months (said he should outgrow it by then) and he's fine...nothing to worry about! :)


Jammie said...

I am glad to hear there is nothing to worry about. Sorry the little guy had to go through the horror though. Hope he out grows it :) you got some beautiful babies.

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

oh my word...I'm sorry I laughed a bit...I'm sure it was horrible watching your baby go through that!!! But what a wonderful diagnosis :) Glad it is nothing more serious!!


Woo Hoo! Oh, happy day! Blessings to you and yours!

Kelly said...

My youngest was really noisy about breathing and eating when he was first born. He sounds alot better now though. Glad everything worked out ok for you!!

Emily B said...

phew! that's good news :)

Michelle said...

That is heartbreaking :( I'm so glad he is okay though. Honestly in today's day & age couldn't they make that thing the size of dental floss so it didn't make him so uncomfortable? Eeshhh

Angie Marion said...

Aww!! Poor guy!!! And yes, I laughed with you!

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