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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gift Guide Day 2: Boba Carrier & Sleepy Wrap Bear (review/discount code)

Most of you have probably seen my review of Sleepy Wrap, you know, the carrier I'm in love with! Seriously, I keep it in my van for when we go out and about it's easy for me to carry Jaxon. The Sleepy Wrap is for babies (0-1), so what am I going to do when Jaxon turns a year old? I'm going to use the Boba Carrier (made by the creators of Sleepy Wrap!)!

Now I know Jaxon isn't old enough for a Boba Carrier (1-4 years) but Jaylin is, so to review it, I tried to try it out with her, unfortunately since I never "wore" her when she was a baby, she didn't want anything to do with it. I think it kind of scared her when I tried to put her on my back, it takes a bit of maneuvering to shift her weight from my hip, to my back....I had issues. Of course I'm not exactly very coordinated anyways. It could be because she's 35-40lbs and the maximum weight is 45lbs...so she's borderline to me for it...she's a big girl. Of course with the Sleepy Wrap I had a few issues at first but now I'm a pro at it! Some of the nice features of the Boba Carrier are:

  • Made with 100% organic cotton
  • front and back carry
  • high density waist and shoulder strap foam
  • safety buckle to prevent unintended release
  • one size fits most adults (this is true, I consider myself pretty big, and it fit!)

The one thing I don't think I've seen as a feature on any baby/child carrier is the foot straps.

  • enables a healthy sitting position for your child
  • provide proper leg support in the flexed abducted position
  • naturally tilt the pelvis, fills out hip sockets, aligns spine
  • the more leg support the less pressure absorbed by the spine
  • takes the pressure off of the hamstrings
  • reduces the leg dangle
  • gives feet a place to rest
  • ensures complete blood flow throughout legs
  • no pinching of the major nerve behind the thigh

In addition to sending me a Boba Carrier to review, Sleepy Wrap also sent me a Sleepy Bear Organic for Jaylin. Of course, Jaylin took the baby bear out of the wrap, and carried that one with her, then put the big bear in the swing with Jaxon!

"the very first stuffed toy to help promote babywearing! Made from the softest
organic cotton, the new eco-friendly toy is perfect for your child's first
friend (intended for children ages 3 and up). No buttons, snaps or removable
parts are used on the Sleepy Bear – only soft stitching and materials are used
to make this the perfect bear for your child!"

I think it's cute, it's a bear with a wrap like the one I carry Jaxon in. The Sleepy Bear Organic is only available in retail stores, you can go HERE to find one near you.

Sleepy Wrap wants to give my readers a 10% discount. When checking out use the code "monkey" to get 10% off any product on Sleepy Wrap's site, that includes Sleepy Wrap or Boba Carrier (sorry, code isn't valid for Sleepy Bear, that must be purchased at an authorized retailer)! Either one would make an excellent gift for an expectant mother you may need a gift for! I know I love my Sleepy Wrap, and I can tell Jaxon will love the Boba Carrier when he's old enough!

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Disclaimer: I recieved free product in return for writing this review, but the free product had no influence on my opinion of either product.


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

That looks so nice. I wish baby wearing was as easy when mine were babies.

Kristin said...

I want one! Looks so comfy.

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