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Monday, December 14, 2009

Hectic Much?

If today would have been any more crazy I think I would have lost all my hair!!!! Let me see if I can make this as short as possible....

- Jeffery was in a BAD mood this morning getting ready for school. Daddy finally got him dressed and took them down to the bus.
- I called Jeffery's behavior therapist to tell him that Jeffery had a doctor appt and we needed to reschedule.
- Jaxon gets fed and everything is all fine and dandy...I lay down and fall asleep...the phone rings as SOON as I fall asleep!
- The school nurse calls...Jeffery just threw up!!!! I had to get up and run out the door to go get him.
- Trying to pick Jeffery up without Jaylin seeing me....very hard since they are in the same class...school nurse helps and we manage that!
- Call Jeffery's therapist again to let him know that Jeffery probably won't be in school Tuesday (he had planned to be in school with him)
- Get him home, he goes straight to his room and shuts the door to go to bed (yes..he's THAT sick lol)...then opens it and asks me to turn his tv on...he falls asleep...so do I.
- Phone rings a couple million more times (each time right as I'm falling asleep!) Dr office calls to confirm Jeffery's appt and I let them know he's really sick...appt is at 130.
- Jeffery starts yelling for me, I run in there thinking he's sick again...he says he feels better and wants to go back to school...breaks my heart when I tell him he cant....he cries and I get him settled back in bed with a cup of water and tucking him in.
- More phone ringing, then my phone alarm going off to wake up to take Jeffery to the dr (didn't want to get up...you see, I did my mingle at 2am last night/this morning...I was TIRED!)
- Dr visit was GREAT! I'll write a whole post about that...but it was a long visit and very informing and got a lot done....btw Jeffery had no fever and no vomiting since school.
- Ride around waiting for time to pick Jaylin up off the bus (this is the 1st time she's been in school without Jeffery!)
- Call the teachers and find out Jeffery just can't come to school for 24hours...so he can go into school late! yay!
- Get Jaylin off the bus...she did GREAT!
- Call the therapist AGAIN (this is the 3rd call!) and get his voicemail...i just hung up...then he calls back and I missed the call...so I call him back and he answers and since Jeffery isn't sick anymore he wants to head over to the house for the regular appointment.
- Get home, clean up some before the therapist comes.
- Get Jaxon some baby food mixed up with rice cereal and get him fed since he's screaming his head off.
- Jeff takes Jaylin with him out and about to clean up the van and install the kids' early xmas gift...dual screen DVD player!
- Therapist comes. Was here for about 2 hours!
- Get kids fed
- Fix myself something to eat (but can't eat it yet!)
- Feed the kids more (1 bowl of ravioli isn't enough for them) oh btw Jeffery kept it down! he's really not sick!
- Feed Jaxon again
- Got Jeff to give the kids a bath
- SHOOT....forgot to get milk...it's 730pm so I run out to the store so the kids have something to drink for bedtime
- Get back from the store and get kids in bed...I finally got to eat
- Write a blog post about all that happened today



Liz said...

WOW! Sounds about like my day, lol! Hope tomorrow's a little better.

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