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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We're doing SOMETHING right!

If you have been around my blog for awhile, you know that Jeffery and Jaylin both have a speech delay, and Jeffery has some behavior issues. We have a hard time with Jeffery's tantrums, hitting and kicking and all that fun stuff. But today, this morning...I realized that after all those issues with him, we're doing at LEAST one thing right. Check out what happened this morning as I was getting Jaylin ready for school.

If you read my last post about my hectic day...Jeffery got sick in school yesterday and can't go back to school for 24hours after the last time he threw up, that means that I can't take him to school til at the earliest 9:15am. So I explained to Jeffery that this morning I would be getting Jaylin dressed and taking her down to the bus, and I would take him to school a little later...he wasn't going to miss school, just going in late. He was fine with that. So as I was getting Jaylin dressed, this is the conversation that happened:

Jeffery: I'm going to school later mommy?
Me: Yes, but you get to ride the bus this evening.
Jeffery: Oh. I miss Ms. Kay (the bus assistant) and Ms. Dana (bus driver)
Me: Well you will see Ms. Kay today.
Jeffery: Yea, she will be at lunch. (she is also the Head Start nutritionist and helps with lunch)
Me: You can give her a hug at lunch.
Jeffery: No, I have to stay in my seat at lunch.
Me: Oh, ok. Then after you get done lunch you can give her a hug
Jeffery: YEA!
He then gets really quiet and looks at Jaylin, he gets a soft voice and says
Jeffery: Jaylin, I'm going to miss you.
Jaylin looks at him and gets a pout face (you know the poked out bottom lip) I couldn't see it as I was braiding her hair but Jeff told me about it. Jeffery honestly looked like he was going to cry because she was going to school without him.

Yes, my kids fight like cats and dogs, but when I hear my 4 (almost 5) year old little boy say he's going to miss his little sister while she's at school..even though it's only for a little over an hour...it melts my heart and I almost cried this morning. He's been such a good boy the past 2 days...maybe it's because he was sick and he's still delusional (kidding!) So now I am going to wrap up this heart warming post to get him dressed so he can finally go back to school! I'm going to miss these days when he gets older and don't want to go to school.


Anthony said...

I love to see children being mature, caring individuals. Kudos!

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