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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just A Dollar

It is so interesting how just one dollar can take me back to my childhood instantly. Ok, now that I have you confused, let me tell you what happened on Monday..oh yea, thats what I forgot to include in my "Hectic" post, Jeff and I went to my dad's so I could take his car to the shop to get new brakes...so let's start there!

Sunday evening my dad called and asked if Jeff was off and could take me over to pick up his car Monday morning to take down to the repair shop, luckily Jeff was off and it would work out (even if he wasn't I could drive over and walk back to dad's house after dropping his car off, since it's close..but I didn't want to because it would be cold!) So, Monday morning after Jeff took the kids down to the bus stop, I had Jaxon all bundled up in his snow suit (I really need to get a picture of that!) buckled in his car seat and we were off. When I got to dad's house I went straight for his desk where he said he would put his car key, I glanced over his desk to see a couple post its and one with a dollar under it, I made sure to grab his key first, and the note under it with his work cell phone number...then I looked over at the dollar bill...just one dollar...with a note on the top that said:

"Here is your dollar, go to the gas station and get you some candy"

Are you really confused yet? No it's not the fact that my dad just told me (his 24year old daughter) to go buy myself some candy...it's the fact that when I was younger, every time I was with him when he got gas, he would give me a dollar to go in and buy me something. It was EVERY time, it was our routine...and if he forgot to give it to me, I would ask "where's my dollar!?" This went on until I was able to drive myself, and heck even now if I'm with him when he gets gas he'll sometimes give me a dollar (don't happen very often but still) It instantly brought a smile to my face to see that post it note...heck I kept the post it and dollar sitting in my van for right now...I don't want to spend it yet, I'm still enjoying the feeling it give me to see it. Thinking about it, I don't know how or when that little tradition started, it just always "been".

The dollar when getting gas is something I hope to be able to pass down to my kids, but, it's going to cost us a little more (right now it's at 3 lol) I was my dad's only child, so he didn't have to worry about giving out multiple dollars. Plus, we hardly EVER have any cash on us...we love the good ole debit card. Right now, every time we get gas, Jeffery and Jaylin get a bug juice...maybe that will be OUR tradition...until they grow out of bug juice lol.


Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ said...

That's a sweet story Jackie, and just reading it brought a smile to my face also.
I think if it were me, I'd probably keep that single dollar, and the post it note to show, and tell my kids this story when they're older. :)

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

That is such a great tradition Jackie! That's awesome that your dad still remembers that too since afterall he is a dad and they usually don't remember things like us moms do! I think the Bug Juice tradition sounds fun too. I'm not sure what they are as I've probably never seen them, but all kids love juice. In fact, every time we have a party I grab a case of the Lil Hug juices for the kids {so they don't think it's all good to have soda, kwim} and my brothers will even drink those things!

karenmed409 said...

What a nice memory, thanks so much for sharing.!!

hollowsins said...

I like the bug juice idea..my boys love bug juice still and they are 6,7 and 8..especially the green and blue ones.Traditions are so sweet and you are proof that they do mean something,even when we are older

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