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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebrate With Me!

Today, I am proud! I am happy with my decision to take Jeffery off of the Miralax treatment. Today, I was able to put a pair of boxers on Jeffery and send him to school. That's right, no pull up! I sent both my kids out the door with big kid underwear on! I'm a proud mommy!

Ok, so here's what I've done since I wrote that last nasty colorful post of mine. I called the office of Dr. A (A is for...well, you know lol) to speak with a nurse, I ended up getting the voicemail of the nurse so I left a message. Still mad, I decided to sit down and write an email, it was nice, yet it expressed how unhappy I was about the way I was treated. I never got a phone call or an email back yesterday, which made me even madder. I refused to give Jeffery the medicine yesterday, and after Jeff had left for work (sometime after 5pm) I asked Jeffery to sit on the potty and try to go poop. He did, and I explained to him if he went poop in the potty he would get 3 stones (we have glass rocks and a glass cup on a shelf for when he's good, when it's filled up, Daddy takes him to the park) so I asked if he wanted me and Jaylin to leave (because you know, Jaylin has to be on my hip at all times lol) and he did, and he also wanted the door shut. Fine with me. I explained that he was not to throw anything in the toilet, and not to flush until I saw if he went poop or not. He agreed and I walked out. When I went back about 10min later he said he had pooped "a little bitty bit" his words lol He even pinched his fingers together to show how little bitty it was, it was cute. So I checked, and he went a LOT! This wasn't diarrhea, this wasn't huge massive poop balls of constipation, this was normal poop! I was thrilled, which made him thrilled, I think even Jaylin said "yay" for him! I cleaned his butt, then he got 3 stones, and then I went in search of one of his old pairs of boxers! His face LIT UP when I told him he could wear them again! No accidents the rest of the night, and I told him if he went all night without pooping in his diaper (I put one on him as a precautionary measure) he could wear boxers to school. Of course, you know what happens next. Out the door in boxers he went this morning!

So, today I got a call back from the nurse. She left early yesterday, which is fine. I'm just happy she called. I explained to her our big celebration yesterday. She said I'm the parent and if I want to take him off of it to see how he does, that's my choice! I told her that's not what Dr. A told me, she said "well, he has his own way of things" She said she read the email and all she could say was sorry. It's not her fault that doctor had a stick up his butt, but it did make me feel better that someone had apologized to me. She said she would like for me to bring Jeffery back, but to see a different doctor. I'm ALL for that! We went through scheduling and she canceled the appointment for the 21st and now we go see a different doctor on February 3rd. She said this doctor likes to do xrays and such, and I said that is fine with me because that means he's being thorough with his job. All Dr. A did was feel Jeffery's belly and tell me there was a baseball size mass there, for all he knew it could have been a tumor or something!

Anyways, I'm the one in charge of Jeffery's treatment, and I choose to take him off the medicine and he seems to be a happier kid with his boxers on, and no accidents! I'm thrilled! We may not have to buy diapers for Jeffery or Jaylin soon!

I'm really just on cloud 9 I'm so happy! Now, that hopefully means no more horrible cussing posts from me. I can go back to being the happy go lucky proud mommy monkey!


Winter Witch said...

I would be psyched too! Congrats to both you and Jeffrey :)

Anonymous said...

that is AWESOME. congrats & keep us posted on the new dr's :o)
Annie W mommawad@yahoo.com

mamawj said...

i'm back again, good for you. I meant to say in my other post yesterday that it helps to each day for atleast 2 weeks when they are constapated or in his case they say he has a blockage of bowel to give him yoguart each day, kids yoguart activia is best but any youguart even walmarts brand it will regulate his system, hope he does good and hats off to you too! God Bless

Life Is A SandCastle said...

Way to go! It always makes us stronger to stand up for our kids. So glad you changed doctors:)

karenmed409 said...

how is the Big Boy doing lately?

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