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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Sick Of This!

This is going to be another cussing and fussing blog post. I may say a lot of colorful words, and some might be offensive, so if you are easily offended, don't read any further.

Jeff just changed Jeffery's pull up...AGAIN. Not because he peed in it, no because he pooped in it, remember we just went to the GI a week ago to figure this problem out, he put him on Miralax...yea a laxative because he said the boy has a baseball sized ball of poo in his belly (Which later resulted in Jeffery asking if he had a baseball in his belly. That made me feel awful the doctor made him think that) So, 4 doses of Miralax in 1 day to flush him out and 1 dose a day after...here it is a week after that 4 dose day, and his pull up was dripping with diarrhea. Yes the 1st 2 days I think he had some hard stools, but since then it's been nothing but diarrhea, and the boy don't know it's happening until he feels it on his butt! Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds like more than a diarrhea issue.

So this doctor, doctor Sutphen (call and cuss his ass out, he's a pediatric GI at UVA medical center in Charlottesville, VA) owes us a box of diapers (because that's about how many Jeffery has used this week alone) and a couple packs of wipes (because omg, we've had to use tons on him to clean his butt and legs off when it drips down) This is the same doctor who "touched" my shoulder (yes, he put his hand on me!) and yelled at me for not coming back in a month when I had no transportation, then yelled at me for stopping this same treatment that is messing up Jeffery's system AGAIN! I'm not putting up with it, my kid can't tell him off, but I sure as hell can! He is not going to make my little boy worse and get away with it!

He don't want to listen to me, I'm not going alone when we go back...I will have backup because I'm going to need someone to hold me back from kicking his ass (if she don't kick his ass first) This is making his behavior worse because he's embarrassed he's having so many accidents!

I'm so pissed I'm shaking. I was on the verge of tears when I saw his last pull up change, Jeff had to change him, I couldn't. I can't do this anymore to him!

Ok, I'm tearing up again, when I get mad I cry, and I need to take some deep breaths, I may go outside and get some fresh air...he better hope I calm down before opening hours in the morning!


karenmed409 said...

Oh that is terrible, we had a similar incident with Hunter who is 6. We have a lot of taste sensory issues with him, which is the constipation problem with him. I am going to try out the Fiber Gummies with Hunter, we can't get him to eat anything that crunches, he just gags with it. Hang in there, once we got Hunter trained it got a little easier.

Janine said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry that you are going through this. :( Poor kiddo.

I had my fair share of doctors get me mad. One even said my son will never talk. Ha! Proved that witch wrong.

I hope his belly gets better soon.

Visiting from My Kids Are Fun!

mamawj said...

and just think he is getting the worst end of the deal not knowing what or why its like that and then you have to ffed liquids to him or he deydrates from going so much poor thing. my 5yr old grandson had serious issues last summer with his bowls, which first started with him needing to constantly pee I mean every second too and our old does not know anything back hills doctor said he had ruptured a muscle in his track from holding his bowels which is insane because kids do not hold it not for long they go! But he said that was the case and it was making him constapated and then that caused the constant peeing so they put him on same thing for it so he would go, it just gave him diareaha and left him so tired unenergetic was dehydrating him. Finally we took it above his head said we wanted a referal to a speaclist and would not stop coming evry day to get one so he did we took him to vanderbuilt and they said he had no such thing just a sevier urinary track infection that went untreated and that your urinary track is closely connected to your bowls which will cause both issues, they put him only on very strong anti biotics for 3 weeks lots of liquids to flush him out like water, no cokes etc for a long time & NO CITRUS drinks they create more urinary issues, he got better. So I say get a referal to a speacilist who knows what to test for and how to treat it, or your time money & his little system will get no where. hope he feels better God Love him..

Dwalline said...

You sound like my mom when i was younger. I had strep throat constantly but they would never take my tonsils out. (apparantly this was a NYC area thing at the time) I got really sick one time but he couldnt find anything wrong. I was super tired and couldnt concentrate and just felt really run down. My mom took me back seriously like every week for a month INSISTING something was wrong since i had a low grade fever the whole time. (each time we hoped for a different doctor because there was 4 in total and it was just whoever was open saw you) I had had urine and blood tests done and supposedly they came back normal. Each time i went we got the same dr whole told my mom to calm down i was fine. My mom took me back one last time and she DEMANDED i see someone else, she didnt care if we had to wait. They said the only other person was a med school student. my mom didnt care. The girl told me that since ive had mono for 6 weeks i should start feeling better soon. we were like WHAT? she goes " yeah the first blood work you had showed you had mono". and she handed all the papers to my mom who literally started screaming and marched out of the room to go find the dr. of course he literally hid in his office and the nurse ended up politely walking us out. OF course as we walked out my mom told everyone how for 6 weeks he knew i had mono and kept telling my mom i was fine and my tests were normal. I was only like 15 but i switched to my moms regular dr.

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