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Monday, December 28, 2009

EA Play: My Sims Agents & Littlest Pet Shop for Wii (review)

It's not often when I get a game and can't get off of it! That is exactly what happened when EA Play sent me My Sims Agents, I got hooked! The first night I was playing, Jeff went to bed and later come out and asked if I knew what time it was, of course I didn't and he informed me it was 3AM!!! I played a half hour more and then went to bed. I had the game beat in about 3 days I think, the main game that is, it still has mini adventures to do...but I got busy and haven't had a chance to finish it.

"In MySims Agents players take on the role of a special agent on a mission to uncover and foil the sinister plans of Morcubus, the corrupt CEO of MorcuCorp. Players will search for clues and solve cases across the city and far beyond as they piece together his nefarious plans. 

Armed with a set of increasingly sophisticated gadgets, players will track footprints, pick locks, hack into computers and do molecular forensics.
They will jump, climb, balance and build their way to follow cases no matter where they lead, even taking a private jet to reach an ancient temple, a spooky mansion and an icy mountaintop chalet. Along the way they meet MySims they can recruit to build up their own team of agents, and unlock rare items they can use to deck out their headquarters." - EA Play Website

My Sims Agents is just awesome. You are a special agent solving mysteries, and each mystery you solve, gets you closer to solving a bigger mystery about the evil Morcubus who owns most of city and the major company called MorcuCorp. I have fun solving puzzles and mysteries, although some of them were simple...some were rather hard with pulleys, belts, and gears....made me stretch my brain a little.

You can get My Sims Agents for the Wii for $49.95 or DS for $29.95!

EA Play also sent Littlest Pet Shop Friends for Jaylin to review...and I played it first. It's actually a little too difficult for a 3year old but she likes to play around with it. I love the little animals, it's so bright and colorful. She don't care what she's doing, so as long as she enjoys it. It's basically the animals at a carnival playing mini games which are pretty fun!

"Grab your friends, grab your pets — it’s time to party! The second edition of the LITTLEST PET SHOP™ video game brings the party to you with a new cast of quirky pets and their best friends.

Play tons of new mini-games and explore new towns with your favorite pets. With enhanced multiplayer features, you can even double your fun by playing with your best friend!
Venture on quests, deliver invitations, serve up ice cream, and style your pets as you get ready for the biggest LITTLEST PET SHOP party of the year. And be prepared for a few surprises along the way, like an all-new mystery pet that just might show up at your party!" - EA Play Website

It's a really cute game and I think Jaylin can play this for years to come (as she learns to play the Wii more and more). For only $39.95 I think it's well worth it!

Check out EA Play for more great Wii, DS, XBox, PC, PS 2 & 3 and many other game systems, with a ton of great titles!


Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Those SIMS they suck you in everytime. Such a fun game!

Tammi said...

My daughter has Littlest Let Shop for Wii and LOVES it! She isn't able to read that well, so the arrows to help point her in the right direction are awesome. She really likes all the fun games and buying the pets new sunglasses.

I'll have to check out MySims, sound like fun...

thanks for the great review!

Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ said...

My daughter and I game together all the time. It's one of our favorite things. My son and I did also, but he kind of got older and into girls. lol
I'm always on the lookout for new games for us.

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