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Thursday, March 4, 2010

BlogHer'10 Looking for Sponsors

I made a post a few months back that I was looking for sponsors to BlogHer'10 in NYC in August, and since then BlogHer has changed the rules to not allow "swag bags" no big deal. I can still get the word out about companies. I have a big mouth. I found out today that BlogHer tickets are sold out...I was bummed. Until I read that they sometimes have more tickets available, when/if they get more sponsors. I am currently on the wait list for a ticket, I will get an email if they get more tickets. To read more about BlogHer'10 you can read about it here.

So, the big question is, what will I do for you if you sponsor me? The possibilities are endless just about. My ideas are (as many or as few of these that you want...can do them all if you want!)

- Wear a shirt with your company logo on it
- Talk about you at the conference (I can talk up a storm!)
- Tweet/Facebook from a company twitter account about the goings on at BlogHer while I'm there
- Banner ad on my sidebar for a year
- 1 or more blog posts about your company.

If you have any more ideas, please feel free to let me know! I'm open to any suggestions!

What do I need sponsorship for? I'm not asking for you to sponsor EVERYTHING (although if you want to, I won't argue!)

- BlogHer Ticket [$298]
- Hotel [$400 for 2 nights...can be cheaper if I find a roomate(s)]
- Flight from Virginia to NY [Prices I have found have averaged about $500 for a round trip ticket]

*Notice, since the tickets are currently sold out, I'm not asking for money right now. I am just asking for a pledge to sponsor me when/if a ticket becomes available.

Also, any plus sized clothing companies who are looking for someone to wear their product, let me know! I'll wear it to the conferences!


Tamara B. said...

He try contacting Big Al from Country Bobs sauces. He is such a nice guy and might be able to help you out!

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