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Friday, March 5, 2010

EBeanstalk (review)

I always have a hard time finding toys for Jaxon, I am picky. So when Ebeanstalk offered to send me a toy to try out, I was skeptical but wanted to try different things to see what he would like. Ebeanstalk sent Jaxon "Buzzing Through" book. It's a fabric book, with a lot of bright colors and different things to feel and hear.

"Children develop into eager readers when they discover our engaging soft books. Each offers age-appropriate activities that promote curiosity, self-discovery and the development of motor skills. Youngsters will love the fun characters, bold colors, mirrors, crinkle sounds and other sensory rich features. Even functional details, such as hook and loop closures and fabric handles, add to the learning experience." - Ebeanstalk Website

The book is suggested for age 1+, but I am one who don't go by those too often. My biggest concern is the bee that is attached with a string on the cover. At 1 year old babies are still putting things in their mouths and the bee is just small enough to fit in a mouth, so my concern is a choking hazard (even though the site says it's passed safety inspections...I'm still iffy on it). I like the book because it shows a lot of different environments such as underwater, jungle, etc. Some of the pages crinkle and some have fur, so it stimulates their senses which is nice. There are circles in the pages that show the previous and next pages, I don't quite get that, but it's cute.

Overall, I like the book. I'll be more pleased with it once he stops putting things in his mouth because it's fabric it gets wet and can mold easily, and keep germs and stuff...yea it can be washed but I'm just weird like that.

Ebeanstalk has a wide variety of baby and children toys to check out for all ages.

I was sent a product at no cost in return for writing this review. The free product had no influence on my opinion of said product.


*.::alex::.* said...

I really like this book!

Generally, I don't go by that age reccomendation either. As a mom, you can just tell sometimes if it's good or not.

Thanks for the info! :) i might actually go check this site out

*.::alex::.* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

What a cute book! I've always been a fan of their products. I agree though, I hardly ever went by the age recommendations.

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