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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Been A Roller Coaster Kinda Week

And I'm BEAT! I'm going to summarize as much as I can to make this not so long, and then make a separate post for things that need to be explained more detailed. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, no I'm haven't lost my mind (yet), and no I haven't forgotten about my blog. Here is what has been going on.

  • The Virginia Head Start Association (VHSA) held their yearly conference in Chesapeake, Virginia this past week, the policy council for my region voted to pay for me to attend. They paid for 3 nights in a hotel, my food for those days, gas down and back and also my conference fee. Jeff took vacation time that week so we could ALL go. This needs it's own post because we left on a Monday and didn't come home til very late Saturday night because we paid our own way for 2 more nights so we could do stuff with the kids.
  • We put a offer in on a house, the offer was accepted, then the house was sold at auction a day after we were under contract...yea...I'm ticked (I'm not the only one). We fell in love with this house, we wanted this house so badly, the bank told someone (either the seller's realtor or the realtor themselves) that they would postpone the auction until we had a chance to get our ducks in a row and attempt to get the house ourselves. The day after our offer was accepted, the house was auctioned off.
  • Jeffery has reverted back to having accidents, not as bad...but still. His behavior has progressively gotten worse and I'm at my wits end. Today was the last straw, no matter what, I could.not.get.this.child.to.listen! It is starting to affect Jaylin because she mimics him.
  • We did get to go to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Buckroe Beach and the Air and Space Center in Hampton.
  • I saw my sister, niece and my mom (1st time seeing my mom in over a year)
  • The hotels we stayed in had indoor pools so me and Amy had fun
  • I did go to the hotel bar the last night we were there....2 strawberry daiquiris and I was feeling nice :) (Don't worry, Jeff had the kids at his parents' house) I think I need some of those more often!

I'm really, ready to pull my hair out. I want to get on a schedule and STICK TO IT!!! I can't seem to do it. I'm always tired, and blah feeling. The kids had school today and only a half day tomorrow, then don't go back til next Tuesday as this is their spring break. So no school all last week, and no school most of this week...I seriously need a break!

In other news, a little over a week until I turn 25! Let's hope I can get a break sometime in my birthday week so I can relax.


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I'm so sorry about the house. That's a total bummer. I know how excited you were.

Vacations are always nice, but yes, they seem like work sometimes! I hope you can get some rest!

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