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Friday, April 30, 2010

Jaylin's New Dress and Bows

I wanted to give a public thank you to 2 fantastic women I know. Both I have known for years from a mommy forum we're all members of, both of them are talented. I had been admiring Diana's knitting for her daughter for a long time, so when she opened an Etsy shop and we had some extra money, I got Diana to knit Jaylin a dress. She showed me pictures of her daughter (who is about 6months or so older than Jaylin) in the dress before she shipped it to me and I fell in love with it! Here is a picture of Jaylin in it today! If you would like to check out her Etsy store, it's called Rustic Ivy. She knits them all herself as orders come in!

See the bows? Paige made those to match the dress for me! Paige is the blogger behind The Nurse Mommy and she also started a Etsy shop called The Nurse Mommy's Bows. All I did was show her a picture of the tank top Diana had made previously and asked her to make a bow to match and she did perfectly! Now please forgive me, in these pictures I just sloppily put the bows in (I have to add, Jaylin usually HATES for me to put anything in her hair, but when she saw these bows she HAD to have them in her hair NOW!)


So thank you Diana and Paige for making these for Jaylin! She loves them!!!

Disclosure: I was not paid in any way for this post, I paid for these products myself.


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable in the dress and bows!

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