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Friday, April 30, 2010

Beyond Bedding (Guest Post)

Hello loyal readers of Jackie's wonderful and ever-exciting Monkey Mayhem blog!

This is a small little introduction to our family-centered bedding site, beyond-bedding.com. We understand that bedding is central to your family's well being and providing comfortable, safe, and affordable bedding has been our number one goal from the beginning.

If you're a new mom or a "mom to be" then you'll understand the excitement we feel everytime we pick up a new bedding design. We have some of the highest thread count luxury baby bedding sets and would love it if you could check them out! There are almost no limit to the creativity you can infuse into your nursery and we are thrilled to be able to provide your family with design prints ranging from ladybug crib bedding all the way to our wild zebra print crib sets!

We would also like to express how much we love this blog and how we've so greatly enjoyed watching Jaylin, Jaxon, and Jeffery as they navigate their way through their their baby, toddler, and kid years! And just in case you somehow got to this page without having met Jackie's family then please check out this post which should serve as a nice introduction to this blog.

Lastly, we are so happy and honored to be able to work towards bringing families bedding products that provide warmth and comfort and hope that you'll visit our tremendous selection. So if you're child is Jaylin's age you can check out our selection of quality bedding for girls like our stylish pink and brown bedding section. And if your little one is Jeffery's age you may want to view our entire selection of quality toddler bedding for boys where you can select from wild safari prints to rugged wild western motifs. And don't forget little Jaxon! If you have a wee one then our extensive collection of baby boy bedding sets.

Thanks again for checking us out and please ensure to always look out for the safety of your cribs!

Disclosure: I was monetarily paid for this post, which was not written by me.

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