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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jaylin's Surgery Update and then some....

First and foremost...Jaylin is fine now! Her surgery went off without a hitch. The only problem we had was that night she needed a bath and her hair washed...wellllllll water ended up in her ear and she screamed for 2 hours straight. Finally after some Motrin she fell asleep, but complained for about 2 days that her ear hurt. She's back to normal and happy as could be and we're 1 1/2 weeks past surgery.

Jeffery has started T-Ball and he is so cute! I have a funny story but that needs it's own post with pictures, it deserves that much! His coach is really good and makes sure Jeffery plays somewhere he can get the ball (not outfield like last year) Today he was actually back catcher! Jaylin, she feels left out, she wants so badly to get out on that field! Today was bad, she cried and cried, one of the other moms (used to be our neighbor) took her out to the field in front of the dugout and stood with her, they even give her a pink ball to hold (it was the coach's daughter's ball but he let her keep it)

My birthday (the day Jaylin had her surgery) was uneventful. I had a lot of happy birthday wishes on my personal facebook, a few texts and my dad emailed me to let me know he had my birthday money there. With money so tight with trying to get the house, Jeff couldn't afford to get me anything. Also, my good bloggy friend Speedy from Eighty MPH Mom sent me a card :)

Speaking of house. We're under contract for a nice farmhouse with over an acre of land. We're running into a problem now, the house has a cistern and apparently HUD don't like cisterns, they want either public water (isn't possible in this area) or a well (not sure if that's possible, apparently rock formations around here make it difficult to drill wells...not to mention wells are expensive to be put in). Our mortgage lady is working on a waiver for us to see if they will let us get the house anyways. It's a lot to do the waiver, they need something from the county health department saying that cisterns are common around here, they need a letter from who ever we're going to get to haul our water in, that says where they get their water, and I think they need something else, I can't remember. We go to the bank and signs some papers for disclosure or something on Monday and the house gets inspected on Tuesday! So if everything goes smoothly, that means HUD accepts the waiver and nothing goes wrong with the inspection...then we'll hopefully be in the house by the end of May or the beginning of June!

I think that is all for now. I need to go upload pictures of Jeffery playing t-ball along with a lot of other things that need posts for themselves.


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