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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jeffery's 2nd Year in T-Ball

This year T-ball is a lot better than last year. The coach is energetic, and makes sure the kids aren't pushed out in the outfield. He actually makes sure the kids get a chance to be where the ball goes. Jeffery is doing great! Opening day for the baseball season this year was April 10th and it was long, because there was so many kids playing. There are 80 kids in t-ball alone! After the presenting of the colors (the VFW marches the flags out to the outfield and then the national anthem is played and they march back) They call each kid out to the field. I took pictures of every kid on Jeffery's team (Stanley's Masonry...they are called by who sponsored them) but I'll just post the pictures I have of the presenting of colors and Jeffery running out.
Before opening day ceremony (if you are wondering what's in his mouth, it's a sucker, it was early in the morning and he needed some sugar to wake up lol)
Presenting of colors
While the national anthem is being sung.
Jeffery called out onto the field
His whole team (minus a few who couldn't be there that morning)


Now, before I post pictures of his 1st game which was later the same day. I must must must tell this story! The coach put Jeffery on 2nd base. Of course, these are 4 and 5yr old kids...they don't hit too far, some do. But 2nd base don't get too much play, so Jeffery squatted down and started playing in the dirt, the 2nd time they put him there he started filling his glove up with dirt. We were laughing about it, it was cute (no he wasn't the only kid playing in the dirt this year!!!) Right when his glove was about half filled with dirt, the ball come towards him...he looked at his glove with dirt in it, and then watched the ball roll by him, he looked at his glove and back at the ball...we're ALL (myself, Amy and my dad) yelling at him to drop the dirt and go after the ball! Finally he dropped the dirt and went after the ball. But it was so funny, I was too busy laughing and yelling to take a picture of it.

Before filling his glove up.
Look at that stance! He's a natural (other than needing to switch his hands around lol) Jeffery is a big boy, but he looks so tiny in this picture!
I love this picture!
This is from his 2nd game, you see that little boy at home plate in the baby blue shirt? Yea, that's my Jeffery! He's back catcher!
Isn't he the cutest??

I have a lot more pictures, but Blogger is being dumb about letting me upload them. It has taken me over an hour to upload just these pictures! I'll go and upload other pictures of different things to Photobucket and then make another post. I have a great one in mind!

Jeffery has practice on Tuesday and another game on Wednesday! He is getting more and more into the game! Poor Jaylin, she wants so badly to play, but she can't until next year. The coach has already said he'll make sure she's on his team next year with Jeffery! I can't wait!


Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ said...

Those are darling pictures! So little and so big at the same time. Just precious.
Is there another activity that Jaylin can join?

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