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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1st Birthday Celebration: International Playthings (review)

Toy toys toys! With 2 older kids I've pretty much seen it all it seems...a lot of Jaxon's toys are hand me downs...IF the batteries haven't died in the toy (since some are really dumb and make it hard to change the batteries...and batteries aren't always cheap, at least the ones that last a decent amount of time aren't) So when I saw the Eco Phone from International Playthings I knew it was a good fit!

My first impression of the Eco Phone was the packaging itself, it was recycled material which was nice to see a company use environment-friendly packaging. Okay, onto the Eco Phone itself, I immediately thought it was rather large. Jaxon had a hard time getting a hold of it...but he made it work, he put it on his highchair tray and pushed the buttons that way...he enjoyed it. The cool thing about Eco Phone is that it's electronic, pushing the buttons makes the phone play music, and beep (pushing numbers makes it beep that many times) but no replacing batteries...if the battery is draining, just shake it and it charges the batteries in it, so it's like a never ending toy!

For $19.99 you can buy this Eco Phone for your little one (it says ages 12months+, and trust me on the + because Jaylin LOVES this)


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