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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He's 1 Now

My baby is 1 year old. He's not on the bottle anymore, loves his sippy cup. He loves to feed himself at any chance he gets...Mr. Independent. He loves his brother and sister, they can make him laugh at the drop of a dime.

For his party, we had a BBQ at my dad's house. We had a blast...had hot dogs, hamburgers and fries, then opened his gift from PawPaw (the LeapFrog Pal)

Can't you tell how much he loves his cake? I just love the facial expression he has!His cake isn't the greatest, our "party" was just a BBQ with Jeff, the kids, my dad and myself. We had fun. Check out the following pictures to see HOW MUCH fun Jaxon had!

His first touch of icing :)



Turning 1 takes a lot out of ya.

Tired, but still wants to finish the crumbs!

Nom nom nom nom.

Yes, he's rotten. And No, you can't have him! ;)

I have sooooo many more pictures of his 1st birthday, I just picked out his favorites! Stay tuned for pictures Jaylin decided to pose for the same day...she's a doll!

My baby is 1, he had his 1st year checkup today and he's finally healthy (there is a reason I haven't posted...ugh! That's a post for itself once I process everything) He's 25% for height and weight, and 90% for head circumference (can anyone say big head like daddy? lol) Although, it saddens me to finally mention this (I was hoping I wouldn't have to) but he is delayed. He is not talking, he's not waving bye bye, and I think there was a few other things he's not doing that he's suppose to. With Jeffery being on the Autism Spectrum, Jaxon's doctor is sending him for further testing :( I've been concerned about his speech for a few months now, but was hoping he would just up and start...but he's not saying a single word...he babbles mamamamama and dadadada and nanananana but he's not specifically calling me mama or anything.

On a good note...he's HEALTHY!

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