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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She's a Doll!

I'm a proud mama and I'm going to make it known...my daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Everywhere we go, at least 1 person stops us to tell us how beautiful/pretty/adorable/cute (whatever word you would like to use) she is...commenting on her beautiful hair, asking if her hair is natural...heck we've had a few people ask if we use a curling iron/curlers in her hair. Yes, her hair is naturally curly. No, neither Jeff nor I have curly hair. No, we never curl her hair with anything (other than the occasional braids...but she just looks cute in braids and they make her curls tighter). With as much as people tell her how pretty she is...she will have no problems with self esteem when she gets older, she may just be full of herself by that time if this keeps up. Of course it don't help that we tell her more than once a day that she's pretty and she smiles and poses for us (I think we have a prissy one on our hands) Another question we get quite a lot is, "why don't you put her in pageants?" the answer to that is...we've tried that once...while changing clothes in the middle of it, she grabbed a hot curling iron (not ours! One of the other contestants) I mean she had a good hold on it, her whole palm and fingers were blistered....we iced it and went on...but it was a disaster. One day we may try again, but I'm not going to force her to do anything she don't want to do.

Ok, so after we had cake and were cleaning up Jaxon at his party, Jeffery and Jaylin ran outside to play. I happened to look out the back window and saw Jaylin laying on the bench and had her chin in her hands...she looked ADORABLE....sooooo I ran for Dad's camera and here is what I got.

Those are when she was cooperating....now for her goofy pics!

She's a doll, I love her, she's my princess! I love having a girl, the dresses, the playing with her hair, she's a total Mommy's girl! She's the one who in the middle of the night comes and crawls in bed with me to cuddle (last night she slept with her head on daddy's stomach and her feet over me lol) She's so much like her daddy (in a good way ;) lol) looks, attitude, shyness...it's all her Daddy! She's not one who likes a lot of adventure...at carnivals she don't want to ride anything. She would rather sit on my lap and watch tv than go run around. It's seriously like looking at a miniature version of Jeff with long curly hair!

I love my boys too, but there is nothing like having a little girl!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

She sure is a doll. I love those pics, especially the silly ones! You're definitely blessed to have such a cutie with fun hair to play with :)

Winter said...

What a cute little girl with lots of expression

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