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I'm working and working on reviews and giveaways that need done. I have a lot of stuff going on at home with the kids' and their school with meetings. Please be patient and know that I'm not gone. Please keep checking back for new stuff!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where I have been...

I know I havent been posting as much as I should be....I have a lot of products sitting here for me to review....some I review on a daily basis (they are that great!) I also have a lot of giveaways coming up and all of you will really like them!!

Ok, so last week Jeffery started Head Start....he LOVES it!!! The 1st day he cried and I talked to his teacher and we come to the conclusion he needs his "blue blanket" I am adding a pic below so you can see what it looks like....I have searched high and low for this blanket and cant find it ANYWHERE!! If you come across it, click the contact button on the right and email me! I will be happy to pay for it and shipping!!! I am tired of sending his only blanket back and forth, im afraid its going to get lost somewhere inbetween.

So before the summer come to an end I was DETERMINED to go to 6Flags America (its near DC) Of course you probably saw the post where I said we were going...and we went and had a BLAST!!!! So before we went to 6Flags I had to get my eyes checked....I wanted contacts instead of having to take my glasses on and off before roller coasters that go upside down....and that cost $200! And they told me per box (my eyes are different so i would need 2 boxes) would be $95 EACH!!! (these are the contacts you can wear overnight...only take out once a week!) But on 1800contacts.com I found them for half the price, which is GREAT!!! So I found out I have astigmatism (sorry if i mispelled that) and congenital cartaracts...the dr said i probably had it when i was born...not affecting my vision since my eyes are already so bad. So they had to special order my contacts but I told them about our trip and they found contacts that would work. But i could only wear them that day....which was GREAT!! I had soooo much freakin fun!!!!!

So 2 days after 6Flags...Jeffery started school, and Jaylin had her speech eval that same day....she is at a 21month level and she is 23 months...so she is fine! They would only do therapy if she was at a 18month level...so that was nice to find out....and it was also nice to see Jefferys old speech therapist and all. They saw him when he got off the bus and he was happy to see them too. They were amazed at how well he was talking!!!

Speaking of talking...Jeffery is able to hold mini conversations with us now! I ask him what he done in school and he can sort of tell me!!! Im soooooo happy!!!!

So I am keeping busy, I have to have Jeffery down the street (about 1/4 mile) at 745am to catch the bus and I have to be there at 245pm to pick him up! A nice full day. Jaylin is loving him not being here to torture her.

I took Jeffery to see his best friend the other day, he loved it...he hasnt seen him in a few weeks. We went to the park and rode bikes. We were there for about an hour or 2. And tomorow he goes back to school.

So you can see I have been SUPER busy here! I hope everyone else is having a good time.



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