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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well today I go for my amnio (I'm saying today because it's after midnight here lol) I'm scared out of my mind!!! I'm not a big fan of needles, and this is a long skinny needle going through my belly and going right next to my baby! My appt is for 9am, and after that I will be taken to L&D for observation, since an amnio can cause labor.

If all goes well with the amnio, and the results come back that his lungs are mature, then we'll be having Jaxon on Friday, the scheduled time is 12:50pm. With Jaylin, they took me a little earlier than that. I will know the results of the amnio on Thursday, so I'll post then what's going on.

If something happens tomorow and I have Jaxon, I will send my info to one of my bloggy mommy friends to sign in for me and post all the goodies about Jaxon.....possibly even a picture!

So, everyone lets keep fingers crossed that my uterus don't act up tomorow, and I'll update when I get home!!


CaseyDeuce said...

You'll be fine!! Just git 'r done and get ready for your sweet new baby!! Can't wait to meet him!!

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