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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T-Ball 2010

This year is Jeffery's 2nd year. Last year, I made posts (HERE and pictures HERE) about how I didn't like the way it was done, I didn't like the coach because he threw him in the outfield where the ball never goes, and the coach just sucked all together. Not to mention, last year once the games started, practice stopped, it was nothing but games. To me, kids still need that practice with the team in between games, more than I can do with just us.

This year....whole new experience! His coach, Eric, is AWESOME! He makes sure to help the kids who need it, and he's doing a thorough job of it, he helps them get into the stance, helps show them how to swing the bat. He's patient with them. Last year it was random when Jeffery would hit the ball when pitched to him, this year, he's rarely had to use the tee! He's throwing the ball better! He's actually enjoying EVERYTHING this year (last year he stopped wanting to go) I think my favorite part, Eric put him as back catcher. Jeffery is thrilled he has an actual position this year! He tells EVERYONE that he's back catcher. Since he's so into the game this year, we spent the money and bought him some baseball pants and a pair of cleats I even bought him a blue belt that matches his shirt and hat! Check out this picture and I dare you to tell me he isn't the cutest little baseball player EVER! BTW, this is after his game, hence the reason he's FILTHY, gotta love a kid who's back catcher and plays in the dirt!

He tells everyone about his coach. Today I told him his coach was coming to pick him up (Jeff had to take the van to work tonight) and the boy lit up! He come in from school, stripped out of his jeans, and asked me where his baseball pants were! Keep in mind this is at 3pm and his game wasn't until 6pm! I told him I would get his baseball pants when it was time to get dressed, so this little stinker goes into the dryer and finds his pants and starts putting them on!!! I had to take the pants and keep them with me, not to mention I needed to put the belt back on it (since obviously they needed to be washed after his first game in them) I got him dressed a little after 5pm and he was outside waiting on Coach (that's what he calls Eric...refuses to call him by his name lol) While writing this, they arrived home. After letting me know what happened at the game we come inside, and one of the first things out of Jeffery's mouth was "I like my coach!" In the picture below (taken at opening day) you can see Jeffery sticks close to Coach. He's done well considering Jeffery's behavior issues (haven't had any issues this year acting out or not listening) and he can understand about 75% of what Jeffery says (Jeffery's speech is REALLY hard for strangers to understand)


I'm so excited, I've already been told Jeffery will be on the same team next year, and Eric wants Jaylin on the team too! Someone tell me how they will do their jerseys next year, 2 "J. STAPLES" out on the field lmao I just find that cute. (Usually when they have 2 kids with the same last name, they use the 1st name initial to tell them apart)

Although the rules are the same as last year (no scoring, no official outs) I've come to accept it. Check out my boy's stance, he used to just stand there before this year, now he does this all on his own! He can learn some things quickly, and some things he needs someone with patience to work with him (we've been working on his stance for 2 years now)

If next year is anything like this year, I think Jeffery will continue to love t-ball and go into baseball. I hope so. I've always been into sports and I love that he's loving t-ball like I did! It's amazing how much of a difference one person can make on a kid's life, if he would have the same coach this year, he'd hate it and I probably wouldn't make him keep going like I did last year. Here's hoping 2011 is as good if not better than 2010!


Mad Hatter Mom said...

This is so great!

I grew up playing sports and I can't stress enough how having the right coach can set the tone for a child's interest in the game.

Best luck to the J's next year!

Rose @ NetWorkingWitches said...

Woot! Go double J's!
I didn't have much to do with sports until I was in high school, and took up soccer, for a short while I considered soft ball. Seeing his pictures makes me wish I had of taken a shot at soft ball!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

It sounds like he really enjoys t-ball! That's awesome! His coach sounds great and that's wonderful because it's hard to find a good coach. Love the "Double J's" too cute! I bet Jaylin will have a blast with him next year!

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