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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Feeling Good

Today has been a good day! Jeffery had a GREAT game today! They only had to pitch him 2 balls before he whacked it each time! He's got new baseball pants and his first pair of cleats that I got him yesterday...by the end of the game (2 innings) you couldn't tell his pants were white, and his shoes were covered in dirt too...which is fine by me! He had fun! My dad took a picture when we went to his house after the game, I'll have him send it and I'll post it.

This was his 3rd or 4th game as back catcher and he's great! I'm so proud of my little boy! He does like to play in the dirt, but just about every kid on the team was in the dirt playing at some point or another today, they are all 4 and 5 year olds, maybe one or 2 are 6 but not many.

I went and talked to my dad today. I feel better about not getting the other house. We were weighing the pros and cons of that, and I mentioned we were looking at modulars and asked if he's still willing to help if we go that route and he said yes. I think he's tired of us renting too.

So cons of the other house were: wiring needs redone, needs a heating/ac put in, windows need replacing, water would need to be hauled in every so often (there is more, I'm just listing the major things) Pros of that house were: The location, the land, size is good (4 bedrooms), still in Shenandoah Elementary district but outside town limits so no need to worry about town property taxes.

Cons of buying land and a modular: Having to buy land AND modular separate (or find a financing option to do both), smaller, hard to find a nice size lot to buy with a decent price. Pros: New house, everything will have a warranty, will be in town so we can hook up to town water and sewer, will have dishwasher (along with all other major appliances)

So, as my dad put it "some good comes out of the bad". Now I'm researching buying land and a modular. It seems the modular outweighs the house in a lot of ways. Some I didn't mention because this post would have gotten so long that way.

So, that means I'm happier, which means I feel like blogging more! The 1st Birthday Celebration gift guide starts soon and I'm excited!


Baba said...

Good to hear things may be looking up.

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