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Monday, April 26, 2010

The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat (review)

Everyday Jaxon seems to be growing up. It breaks my heart, but it's heartwarming at the same time. He's slowly weaning himself from the bottle (today he's only had 1), he's eating more and more table food instead of baby food, but the one that seems to break my heart the most is when he outgrew his infant car seat. I loved his car seat, I bought it in either February or March of last year, I fell in love with it, green, blue and yellow. Here I am tearing up just writing about it. Jaxon outgrew this car seat a lot sooner than I wanted him too, he's a big boy, already 21lbs when he was 10months and infant car seats are only rated to 22lbs. I searched for a convertible car seat because he wasn't old enough to go forward facing yet. I had emailed my contact for Learning Curve knowing they sell The First Years products, including car seats. She offered to send me the True Fit Convertible Car Seat to review.

I have to say I love this review for a couple of reasons right off the bat, one I got a new car seat for Jaxon, and two when it arrived, the box was huge and Jeffery and Jaylin was entertained for HOURS with it! OK, back to the carseat itself. On Learning Curve's website it says that the carseat is easy to install, I had a bit of difficulty. Especially putting it rear facing in our van (2006 Dodge Caravan), no matter what setting I had it on, it seemed to lean forward (I tried it in multiple seats in my van, the seats themselves are angled down towards the back), not to mention it's so tall, I could't see out the rear view mirror. I installed it forward facing to see the difference and it's MUCH better that way (he's even reclined a bit). Please don't fuss at me because I switched him forward facing at 10months, I've gotten the same lectures when I did the same with Jeffery and Jaylin. Just know that that is my own choice and the pediatrics people who are crazy strict on stupid stuff say not to go forward facing til 20lbs AND 1 year (although I've heard they want them older now) If you want to argue with me about it, email me, I have a contact form. Ok, back to the carseat again. Jaxon loves it! He fits comfortably in it and loves to look around at everything, he even looks over at Jeffery or up at Jaylin (she sits directly infront of Jeffery) and laughs at them, they talk to him and he interacts. It's great! He's surrounded by padding on each side of his head so I'm not too worried about a side impact crash.

I think my favorite thing about this seat is how easy it is to adjust the straps. The weather has been insane here so one day he's bundled up in thick clothes and the next he's wearing next to nothing, which affects how the straps fit over him. All I have to do is push a button on the bottom and pull the straps to loosen them, or pull the strap that's under the button to tighten them! True Fit Convertible Car Seat is also great because he's not straight up, he's a little reclined, so when he falls asleep his head don't fall forward.

In the end, I love this car seat! It's can fit a baby/child from 5 to 65lbs and up to 50" tall, so I'll get plenty of use out of it. For the price ($189.99 at Babies R Us) I think The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat is well worth it for the amount of time you can use it.


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Those are some nice carseats! I would have loved one that could be used the whole time. I think we went through 4, insane!

Rose @ NetWorkingWitches said...

I'd love to have one around here for the new Grand Baby! It looks so much more cozy than older car seats.

We need one of those empty boxes here too. ;)

Mad Hatter Mom said...

Great review! Very thorough.

I know that in our car (Ford Explorer) we had the same issue with the seat tilting toward the back of the seat when rear facing. We placed a pool noodle under the car seat to make it level, but then both kids weren't that long so they were able to seat rear facing for longer.

I love that this seat is rated up to 65lbs. It's hard to find a 5 point harness that will work for bigger kids!

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