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Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday Night Was....

The night to fall asleep in weird places! At least that's what I'm assuming. I had come home from the store and Jaylin of course ran to meet me at the door, and as I was putting groceries away I realized I hadn't seen or heard Jeffery. So I ask Jeff where he was, and he informed me that he hadn't seen him since I left. Jeff walks towards their bedroom and I hear Jaylin beside me saying "bay ee (that's what she calls Jeffery...I have a video of that I'll upload later) train table" of course with her speech delay I didn't realize what she was saying until she crouched down and looked under the train table in the living room. When I looked, this is what I saw....
Yes, you can see his pillow behind his head and his blanket beside him! We let him lay there for awhile, he wasn't in anyone's way or anything. He was tuckered out from his tball game earlier.

Then I fixed Jaylin a pizza banquet meal for dinner. She ate half of it and wanted a cup, so I fixed her a cup and Jeff put her to bed. She later come out saying she was still hungry so I told her to go finish her pizza...well a little bit later I come out of the bedroom and she is like this...
Ok, 1 kid falling asleep on the floor, that's common around here. Jaylin does it on a pretty regular basis. But for both kids to fall asleep in odd places...that's just unheard of! Now of course you see Jaylin don't look too comfortable with her face against the table like that, so Daddy picked her up and put her in bed. He later moved Jeffery when he was getting ready to go to bed.

That leaves me wondering...where is the oddest place your kid has fallen asleep?


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Mine fall asleep in strange places all the time. Especially Parker. He went through a phase where he would set up blankets and pillows on a low shelf in his closet. I couldn't find him one day, was freaking out searching for him and that's when we found his "special spot". In fact I just took of a picture of him falling asleep on the chair with Gunner the other night!

Lee-Ann said...

LOL so cute! I have a picture of the youngest wih a pillow sleeping in the hallway. LOL

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